An olive oil with aroma, colour and flavour throughout the year.

A high quality production and variety process for all tastes.

The OLIV8 brand was created thanks to the knowledge transmitted from generations to generations, so we guarantee a high quality flavour in every harvest we make.

PackagingPlease store in a cool place away from direct light, air, sources of heat and intense fragrances. Natural product subject to deposits.
CharacteristicsExtra virgin olive oil, 100% pure, of superior quality, obtained solely by mechanical processes, extracted cold and directly from olives coming from the olive groves of the Upper Douro region. It contains no additives or preservatives
Chemical Analysis0,1%≤Acidity
Peroxide Inde (meq02/kg) ≤15
Waxes ≤150mg/kg
K232: ≤2.00
K270: ≤0,20
Δk: ≤0,01
Sensory analysisIt is a fruity green olive oil, predominantly ripe, soft and sweet in the mouth, slightly bitter and spicy.
UseIdeal to be used in the kitchen to season, confection or finish all type of dishes. In backed, roasted or grilled dishes it can be used in fish and meat.
PackingGlass bottle of 500ml | 16.9 FL.OZ capacity, designed specifically for high quality olive oil with built-in dispenser. Inviolable capsule.
StorageInox Tubes
CertificationIntegrated production by Sativa – Portugal